Genealogy have become a very comprehensive hobby. It all probably started with both my grandfathers, they where both researching their ancestors. Received a lot of genealogy documents from them, but the interest didn't start untill my mother tookme to the National Archives here in Oslo, in the middle of the 1990's. By then both my grandfathers was dead, so I started with what they gave me and it has since grown.

Today I am researching both my wifes side and mine. Both my in-laws are from the Lofoten region in Northern Norway. On my side of the family it's a little more spread, although both my parents are born here in Oslo. On my fathers side the family is from Valdres and Sørlandet, the southern part of Norway, and on my mothers side the family is from Jevnaker, Horten and Østfold, all regions within an hours drive from Oslo.

I am always interested in more information and images for my websites. Please feel free to contact me.

Hope you will enjoy these pages, best regards Aslak :-)

Updated 18. November 2019